A list of some of Chattanooga's best attractions
Dennis Harwood
Dennis is a Chattanooga native and the owner of He is a Reiki Master and a developing medical intuitive, and has spent years studying and working with energy therapies and the works of Dr. Bob Beck and Dr. Hulda Clark. He is also the owner of where he sells hundreds of alternative health care products to customers around the world. 
by Dennis Harwood
Published on 7/31/2004
Chattanooga is a fantastic place to live, work, visit, and have fun in.  We have an abundance of mountains, trees, lakes, and wildlife. And a huge assortment of very neat places to visit, covering a wide range of entertainment experiences.

From hang gliding off the side of Lookout Mountain, white-water rafting on the Ocoee, to the awe-inspiring underneath Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga has been blessed.

Take time to enjoy some of what we have to offer.  Take a trip to for some outdoor theme park fun, or check out the .

There's always , where you can see seven states on a clear day or walk through Fat Man's Squeeze.