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About Us

ChattanoogaHealth.com has been waiting a long time to be what it was originally meant to be. It was first put on the internet way back around 1999. If you were lucky enough to have seen it in its previous incarnation it wasn't a bad looking site, it just didn't have much going on. A few articles, some goodies about Chattanooga, a few links, and that was about it. Not much changed over the years due to lack of time and attention.

The goal from the beginning was to have an active website for the citizens of Chattanooga to use as a resource for finding and learning about the ever increasing numbers of alternative health care providers in the area. It seems most people have little understanding of the constant struggle between alternative health care and "mainstream" health care or the vast numbers of effective alternative treatments that are available to them. ChattanoogaHealth.com is all about changing the level of awareness and understanding of what is in our own back yard and readily available to us.

Information is power; knowledge is freedom. We firmly believe in freedom of choice and want to promote it whenever possible. We want to wake people up to the fact that our freedom to choose is rapidly being taken away, and it's happening all over the world, not just in the U.S.

The owner of ChattanoogaHealth.com is Dennis Harwood, a Chattanooga native and the owner of toolsforhealing.com. Dennis has spent years in search of effective health care alternatives and now has a world-wide base to work from. You will see his imprint all over this site, as well as that of others in our area who are equally focused on bringing knowledge and enlightenment to us all.

Be a part of our goal and help us out. Send us your thoughts, ideas, health news, whatever you want, and maybe we'll let the rest of Chattanoga take a look at them as well.