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Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments
by R. Webster Kehr | Published  8/24/2004 | Cancer | Rating:
What Big Pharma Has Achieved With Their Big Money

What Has All That Money Bought?

It is the Big Plan of Big Pharma to destroy alternative medicine, especially as it relates to their most profitable products, such as cancer drugs, heart drugs, allergy drugs, etc. Now I will show you why the bogus concept of "scientific evidence" is so important to the Big Plan of Big Pharma. Big Pharma has ...

Blocked alternative cancer treatment training by medical doctors by taking over the medical schools and destroying the schools that taught natural medicine.

Blocked dissemination of information about alternative cancer treatments over the mass media by buying the whores in the media with advertising money.

Blocked "scientific evidence" for alternative cancer treatments by controlling the "definition" of "scientific evidence" (i.e. they use the political definition) and by controlling the FDA and NIH.

Blocked financial contributions to alternative cancer treatment charitable organizations by setting up (or taking control of) huge (because they can afford it) "charitable" organizations that are totally controlled by orthodox medicine (e.g. ACS, Leukaemia (sic) Foundation, etc.).

Blocked research money for alternative cancer treatments on "live patients" (and thus valid statistical information) by their control of the FDA and NIH and their control of research money.

Blocked any investigation of corruption in medicine by their control of the whores in Congress.

Blocked the ability of any medical doctor from using alternative cancer treatments by taking total control of Congress and the AMA (both national and state associations).

Controlled the research direction of major cancer research organizations with research dollars.

Blocked the ability of natural substance vendors to tell the scientific truth about their products to their customers by their control of the FDA and FTC and their control of the definition of "scientific evidence."

Blocked the publicity and significance of the many discoveries in natural medicine by legitimate research institutions by their control of the media, the FDA and their control of the term "scientific evidence."

Destroyed much evidence about the usefulness of alternative cancer treatments by shutting down many medical clinics by their control of the FDA and AMA.

Flooded the World with bogus, highly sophisticated statistical misinformation and carefully designed terminology by their control of the ACS and other organizations.

Actively Trying to Destroy Internet web sites that tell the truth about alternative cancer treatments by their control of the FDA and by their control of the term "scientific evidence."

Actively Trying to Destroy the manufacture and distribution of natural products by their control of the FDA, FTC and Codex (the United Nations equivalent of the FDA) and by their control of the term "scientific evidence."

Was all of this success at destroying alternative medicine the result of a series of accidents? No, this is the result of spending billions of dollars to implement a carefully designed master plan organized at the top levels of Big Pharma. The FDA, NIH, NCI, ACS, medical schools, etc. are their puppets, and the leaders of these organizations are glad to join in the destruction of alternative medicine (no matter how many lives are lost in the process) in order to have a big piece of Big Pharma's bottomless money pit. Had Big Pharma not spent billions of dollars to achieve the above aims, none of the above things would have happened!!!


  • Comment #1  (Posted by an unknown user)
    this is what I've been waiting for. A book to convince my friends and family. Thank you thank you
  • Comment #2  (Posted by bjs )
    Well, I am keeping an open mind as I research this article....I am in my third round of chemo for ovarian cancer. Surgry, remission, the whole thing. I feel worse each time and am wondering about quality, not quantity. I do not quite understand the need for the term "total life," as it is confusing. As I said, I am here with an open mind. I want to take charge again.
  • Comment #3  (Posted by Betty Sawyer )
    It isn't as if I had no education....everything but a dissertation for an Ed. D. But I am wondering why I feel so confused? Is it the chemo? The author?...he keeps leading me around the garden path, taking side trips and smelling the flowers....and I have a feeling he will be hinting at funding in a future segment...actually, he did in this one, if you read closely. Either I am the only person who has ever read this and submitted a response, or the "Administrators" have disallowed previous reader comments fro reasons of their own.

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