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Introduction to Alternative Cancer Treatments
by R. Webster Kehr | Published  8/24/2004 | Cancer | Rating:
R. Webster Kehr

R. Webster Kehr is an ex-Marine and Viet Nam veteran, and the father of 7 children. He served for two years as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and graduated twice from Brigham Young University, once in mathematics and once in accounting. He is the author of many physics and mathematics papers, and is the publisher of www.cancertutor.com. 

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For Those Who Don't Have Cancer

For Those Lucky Enought To Not Have Cancer

People who don't have cancer rarely give cancer a second thought. All their life they have been conditioned to believe that the medical community is diligently making progress in the "War Against Cancer." They believe there is nothing to worry about. If they get cancer, the medical community will take good care of them. All of this is an assumption that could cost a person their life!

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, they are in a total state of hysteria and panic. They will grab at the first "rope" that is thrown to them. Guess what, orthodox practitioners are more than happy to throw them that rope.

When a person is told they have cancer, the medical establishment forcefully tells them that they immediately need to have surgery, and usually tells them they will need to have chemotherapy and radiation. This was drilled into your medical doctor while he or she was in medical school - but it is a giant lie. Doctors frequently will schedule surgery for a patient before telling them they have cancer!

If you are not prepared, in advance, for the utter terror of being told you have cancer, and to the enormous pressure of orthodox medicine, you will end up being cut open and probably have toxic sludge put into your arteries. You will get sick, your immunity system will be destroyed, you will wish you were dead, and it is all for nothing, because orthodox treatments for cancer are worthless and almost always do far more damage than good. And all of this will happen before you knew what hit you.

Furthermore, and understand this carefully, doctors will not tell you your options, especially your alternative cancer treatment options. If they mention alternative treatments, they are talking about using nutrition and natural substances to treat the symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation, (i.e. complementary medicine), they are not talking about the alternative cancer treatments this web site discusses.

Many cancer patients think, when they hear about complementary medicine, that orthodox medicine and alternative medicine have joined forces in a cozy relationship. The relationship is more like a lion and a lamb. Big Pharma allows limited use of natural substances to treat the symptoms of chemotherapy so patients will not drop out of chemotherapy due to sickness. No doubt their motivation is so that the patient will stay on chemotherapy longer, and thus Big Pharma will make more profits.

But what if you are diagnosed with cancer and you haven't done your homework? You might consider telling your doctor you will "think about the proposed treatments" for a couple of weeks. You might buy time by asking your doctor to produce scientific articles that prove the proposed treatment extends the "total life" of similar cancer patients compared to patients who refused all treatments. (Warning: Do not get duped by letting your doctor talk about "5-year cure rates.")

During those two weeks, do not go to work. Spend those weeks studying this web site, then go to other web sites I link to. Do absolutely nothing but read during those two weeks.

The main thing you need to look for are testimonials. It is the testimonials, not the scientific evidence, that will convince you that alternative treatments really work. It is exactly for this reason that the medical establishment does not consider testimonials as "scientific evidence." But they are scientific evidence - powerful evidence, but they don't lead to the conclusions the medical establishment wants you come to.

Do You Know Someone With Cancer?

Many of the people who read this article are trying to decide whether to tell someone they know, who has cancer, about this web site. It is a far easier decision than you think. Don't make their decisions for them!!!! Tell them about this web site and let them decide what to do about it!

I know you love the person and want what is best for them. That is good, but a person with cancer has a right to know their options and to make their own decisions. It is their life at stake, let them make the hard decisions. It is the person with cancer who needs to know their options.

Let's Take Off the Sugar Coating

While not everyone who chooses alternative treatments survives their cancer, you might be interested to know the four main reasons why many people on alternative cancer treatments die:

First, most people who go on alternative treatments have had their body severely damaged by orthodox treatments (e.g. surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) and:
  a) one of the vital organs of the patient was dead by the time orthodox medicine got through with them,
  b) the patient's choice of alternative treatments was not strong enough to overcome the damage done by chemotherapy and radiation, or
  c) there simply wasn't enough time left after orthodox treatments were finished to cure their cancer.

Second, most people who go on alternative treatments have to treat themselves because the AMA will not allow orthodox doctors to treat cancer patients with natural substances (except to treat the symptoms of chemotherapy). Without such professional help, there are many mistakes made in the self-treatment.

Third, the National Cancer Institute, the Food and Drug Administration, and other totally corrupt government agencies, have suppressed the truth about which alternative cancer treatments are best at treating which kinds of cancers (e.g. "total life" rates). Without good information, there are many mistakes made in the self-treatment.

Fourth, the media has totally sold its soul to Big Pharma's massive advertising money. No one should ever think for one minute that the media exists to provide truth or "investigate" corruption. The media exists to serve their masters - their advertisers - period. Because of this the average person is totally brainwashed into believing in orthodox medicine and the person never thinks to look into alternative medicine until after they are sent home to die. But the reality is that the vast majority of cancer patients who took orthodox treatments and died never knew that alternative cancer treatments even existed. You can thank the media for that.

Does the fact that many people using alternative cancer treatments die each year because of these four items mean that alternative cancer treatments are worthless? Don't be absurd. As I have said above, if there were no corruption in medicine, government, etc. the overall cure rate for cancer would be over 99% - and that is assuming no one used any type of orthodox treatments!!

You will note from the above list that all four items (and other items I have not listed) are caused by corruption and a total lack of integrity in the medical community, media, charities, medical schools, and government sectors of our society. But calling it "corruption" is sugar coating the problem. Even calling it a "scam" is being generous.

In the 1700s and 1800s the doctors did not have the technology we have today. As far as I know, the doctors of the 1700s and 1800s did the best they could, with the technology they had access to. If that is true, bravo to them.

But that is not true today. Starting no later than the 1920s there was a massive change in the integrity of medicine. Many blame the change on John Davison Rockefeller, Sr., who used his vast fortune to corrupt the medical schools and AMA in order to make more money from his petroleum products (now called pharmaceutical products), and perhaps that is where the corruption started. But that is not where it ended!!

Before going on, let me introduce a short story:

Two Men In the Desert

Suppose two men are in the desert. One of them, Brad, has spent many years visiting this particular desert and knows it perfectly well. Gene, however, has never been in this desert before. Now let us suppose that these two men are business competitors. The death of either one of them will lead to major price increases, major sales increases, and millions of dollars in profits for the surviving competitor.

Suppose these two men take a long trip in the desert and Gene collapses and is dying of thirst. Suppose Gene asks Brad where the nearest water hole is. Brad knows perfectly well where the nearest water hole is, it is 200 yards to the East of where they are. Brad ponders the situation. He notes to himself that Gene is one of his business competitors, and if Gene dies, he will make millions of dollars in profits.

Brad tells Gene that the water hole is 200 yards to the West of where they are. Gene crawls the 200 yards to the West and then dies before he can find a water hole.

End of Story

Brad did not shoot Gene, he did not stab him, he did not poison him, rather he lied to him. His lie led to Gene's death. This intentional deception led to the death of Gene and made Brad a multi-millionaire in this story.

Brad's lie was in two parts. The first part was that he withheld lifesaving information that did not allow Gene to head in the correct direction. The second part was that what he told Gene was deceptive, causing Gene to head in the wrong direction.

What Brad did was murder. I call this type of abstract (i.e. non-physical), white collar murder: "murder by deception." When people think about murder they rarely, if ever, think about "murder by deception." That is interesting because the law will put a person in jail for "theft by deception." Our laws are more interested in protecting the money of stockholders than in protecting the lives of citizens.

Now let us get back to the Cancer Industry.

They do everything in their power to withhold lifesaving information about alternative treatments for cancer, thus causing people to not head in the right direction for treatment. This is equivalent to Brad suppressing the information that the water hole was to the East.

They do everything in their power to publish deceptive statistics about orthodox cancer treatments, thus causing people to head in the wrong direction for treatment. That is equivalent to Brad telling Gene to head to the West.

Shall we accuse many of those in the Cancer Industry of the abstract, white collar "murder by deception?" God will be the judge (not the Supreme Court) using HIS laws (not our laws).

But I will tell you a secret about Judgment Day. Corporations, governments, government agencies, etc. are nothing but a piece of paper. No piece of paper ever spoke. No piece of paper ever lied. No piece of paper ever ordered a cancer clinic to be shut down. No piece of paper ever did a bogus scientific study. No piece of paper will be judged on Judgment Day. It is people that speak, that lie, that order clinics to be shut down, who do bogus scientific studies, etc.

Unlike our corrupt legal system (which was influenced by corrupt corporate executives seeking to protect themselves), on Judgment Day no one will be able to hide behind a piece of paper. Big Pharma has not figured out a way to bribe God - nor will they.

  • "The greatest evil is not now done in those sordid "dens of crime" that Dickens loved to paint. It is not done even in concentration camps and labour camps. In those we see its final result. But it is conceived and ordered (moved, seconded, carried and minuted) in clean, carpeted, warmed and well-lighted offices, by quiet men with white collars and cut fingernails, and smooth-shaven cheeks who do not need to raise their voices. Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like... the offices of a thoroughly nasty business concern.
    C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters
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  • Comment #1  (Posted by an unknown user)
    this is what I've been waiting for. A book to convince my friends and family. Thank you thank you
  • Comment #2  (Posted by bjs )
    Well, I am keeping an open mind as I research this article....I am in my third round of chemo for ovarian cancer. Surgry, remission, the whole thing. I feel worse each time and am wondering about quality, not quantity. I do not quite understand the need for the term "total life," as it is confusing. As I said, I am here with an open mind. I want to take charge again.
  • Comment #3  (Posted by Betty Sawyer )
    It isn't as if I had no education....everything but a dissertation for an Ed. D. But I am wondering why I feel so confused? Is it the chemo? The author?...he keeps leading me around the garden path, taking side trips and smelling the flowers....and I have a feeling he will be hinting at funding in a future segment...actually, he did in this one, if you read closely. Either I am the only person who has ever read this and submitted a response, or the "Administrators" have disallowed previous reader comments fro reasons of their own.

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